I’ve Earned my Current Success

I have a friend who says, “Don’t be jealous of someone’s success unless you are willing to put in the same amount of work.”

I’m always impressed with people who have jobs, volunteer obligations, maintain relationships, and craft. Frankly I feel a bit lazy in comparison. Some of you have taken on tremendous side hustles in your battle against debt and I am inspired by you.

However, I am not you. My job recently has called for an obscene amount of overtime. Though technically I can be paid it’s highly recommended that I take the time instead. To be honest I have to, it turns out in spite of my best intentions if I feel spread too thin I turn into a terrible version of myself.

I’m really pleased with my progress and knowing my own limits, real and imagined, enables me to truly celebrate the success of others.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Earned my Current Success

  1. It sounds like you have found a pretty terrific person inside yourself. This is the ONLY person you need to measure yourself against. If you can look in a mirror and see a smiling face looking back, you know you have succeeded. Becoming the person you CHOOSE to be is a goal few ever truly reach. I have no doubt you will enjoy the journey and succeed all along the way.

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