How do I end This?

My problem is that I’m a very social being. I want to see you, so if you invite me out I’m not likely to counter with, “Let’s stay in!” I like to go out and still have a rather childish dread of being seen as a boring homebody.

This got me in trouble this week :

I had budgeted for one event that I had planned, forgotten about another planned event so didn’t budget for it, had a friend ask if I could meet for a catch up at our favourite restaurant, and invited a friend out for drinks thinking that I had over-budgeted for the event I had recalled.

Poor planning but here’s how it all worked out:

The forgotten event came first and took longer than anticipated so I ate there and the entire budget line plus some for weekly entertainment was used

I was too exhausted to attend the one I had planned for so I canceled.

Knowing that I didn’t have a budget to go to the restaurant I asked if she’d like to come over for cake and tea. I  made a few mini cakes using ingredients I had in the house and we had a great visit. Bonus: my neighbour and colleagues also got cake.

I called the person I was supposed to meet for drinks and invited her over rather than going out. She postponed until next week.

I feel anxious and cheap when I don’t want to meet my friends at restaurants or such because it’s not in the budget and I’ve already used my additional funds. When I write it all out it seems that I’m handling it well so I really need to end how I feel.

Any tips on getting over this hurdle?


3 thoughts on “How do I end This?

  1. it is hard. I have the same dilemma. having time with friends is awesome, but I am like you; we may as well hang out at home and make it not only an affordable but also meaningful/cozy gettogether, but sometimes it is not possible, I guess unexpected expenses, such as eating out time to time will be a regular activity for me. I just need to limit it and if not then find affordable options.

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  2. I think you are like many of us, we live with regrets of not being able to do things. At the same time, you want to be able to connect with your friends as they requested. Perhaps you could place an amount on your monthly budget for just meeting with your friends. See if there is any category that you have marked as “required” that you could place as discretionary and save there. If that turns out to be impossible, explain this to your friends. It is tight financially at the moment and you want to meet at home so you both can catch up and share some great treats. A night with friends sounds good to me!

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