My Skin Care Secret: body butter

Three years ago I was at a baby shower and our favour was this absolutely delicious coffee scrub that one of the attendees had made. Unfortunately she lived too far away for me to support her business but I wanted more. According to her card she was using all natural ingredients that you could eat.

Well a google search later and I was deep into the world of do it yourself beauty. This can be an expensive habit especially as people are always willing to suggest unique and interesting ingredients you can use. So I dug deeper and found websites dedicated to making beauty products from kitchen ingredients.

My favourite by far is my  body butter. I suffer from terribly dry skin in the winter and was using a cream that costs $25/tube. I was searching for something that would help for less. That’s when I came across website for patients with sensitive skin touting Crisco.

Since I had Crisco in my kitchen I pulled out the block of shortening, sliced a chunk and put in a container. It was fantastic on my skin  but a bit hard to spread and I missed my scented lotions.

Well I’ve ironed out those kinks so you can enjoy this:


Using this:


My method:

  • I sliced off about 1/4 of my Crisco and put it in a medium mixing bowl
  • Using my electric mixer I beat the crisco until creamy
  • Then added the essential oil and mixed more
  • I used a rubber spatula to put my homemade body butter into a container

That’s it!


4 thoughts on “My Skin Care Secret: body butter

  1. I love this idea. I will try it.

    Your site looks wonderful. I just browsed and it is easy to navigate and find things. Next week when the pressure is off, I will start exploring what I need to do on my page to make it easier to browse.


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