Wasting Money or am I?

I came home with a terrible headache yesterday; the sort of pain that makes my weekend a write off. The problem was that I had a full Day of Fun* planned with ML. It included the type of fun for which you purchase tickets in advance to a sold out event.

We kept pushing back the start of our day until an hour or so before the paid portion. Still feeling lousy I asked if he wanted to find another date or  to give away our tickets. Knowing my frugal journey his first question was, “Are you going to be mad about wasting money?”

I knew that if I went out of the house I would be even more miserable and the Day of Fun would be anything but.

“Do you care who gets the tickets?” Was the second question. I just wanted them to go to a good home. I felt that the money would be wasted if they didn’t get used. So we started our search. In the end a friend of mine got a free date with his girlfriend. When they came to pick up the tickets we chatted a bit and turns out they wanted to go do something fun outside because it’s a gorgeous day but couldn’t find something that they both agreed on that cost next to nothing.

I’m sad that I didn’t get our day out as I was really looking forward to it but I’m not upset about the money. The tickets went to a good home and the money went from an Entertainment expense to a Gift expense.

I on the other hand spent the afternoon on the couch, watching episodes of Archer with ML, eating Chinese food. The Day of Fun was saved!


*Day of Fun is a random day that we plan to just hang out and have fun together. Yes we could randomly binge on Netflix at anytime but when we declare it Day of Fun thought goes into what we do and it’s pretty focused on joy.


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