Eating Out on a Budget: Dessert can be the answer.


I had a fantastic lunch: there was great company, lovely conversation and the meal? Well who could beat a chocolate brownie sundae? It seems a bit odd to some that I would have dessert as a meal and this penchant has given me a bit of a reputation among friends and colleagues.

It started out as a cost saving measure in high school when my group of friends would  go out for dinner then a movie. I almost never finished my plate so I would have an entire meal left over that would have to be pitched as I couldn’t take it into the theatre. This would not do!

Now I’m not currently known for my healthy eating habits but it was much worse when I was a teen. I have yet to meet a dessert that I didn’t love. With a proper dinner out of the question I had no problem looking at the dessert menu. Often it was the perfect amount of food and the waste problem was solved.

I still don’t eat a lot in a single sitting so when we go out and I order a meal I tend to ask for a take out container immediately and divide my food. When I noticed that my work lunches were taking place at some more expensive venues it was easy to return to my dessert habit.  I’ve gone to a few places where my entree is $20 but my dessert is $7. I’m quite happy to pay my $7, enjoy a wonderful treat and then head out. It has the added benefit of no one feeling sorry for me or asking me if I’m sure that’s all I want as I’m a rather petite woman.

Desserts not up your alley? Try an appetizer instead. I’ve found this has helped me at certain dinner dates where I want to see folks but not spend a lot on food or really I’m not very hungry. I can grab a quick bite at home and then have either a dessert or appetizer with my friends.

Photo courtesy of rakratchada torsapat


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