Procrastinating and Stressing

Thank goodness for this blog! I really need to take stock of this month but I was a bit afraid as this week has gotten our of control. Being sick, tired, and busy makes for less self control. If not for promising myself that I’d blog daily and be accountable I would have just found excuses to avoid checking my bank account. As we all know that’s how debt is avoided.

Knowing that I needed to share something today. I checked my account – it’s not terrible! It turns out that as we’re both sick we aren’t purchasing as much groceries so the lunch out I forgot about can be accommodated without cutting into the day out I had planned with ML.

The stressing continued when I began looking ahead to October and it looks like I have more wants than funds. This weekend I’m going to sit down, take stock of the month and look ahead.

What bad habits do you give in to when you start stressing about your funds?


2 thoughts on “Procrastinating and Stressing

  1. What bad habits do I give in to when you start stressing about your funds? When I stress about funds, I lose focus on all the other things I have to do. I calculate and recalculate the ways I can address it. I go to bed thinking about and not get enough sleep. To counteract those habits I really have to redirect my approach. I allow myself the recalculation once. I then make a to do list that I can check off as I address my problem. I make myself let my bad habit go because tomorrow isn’t here yet and I can’t control tomorrow by worrying today. I am open to better advice.


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