That Medical Line


I’m sick as is ML. It’s one of those awful seasonal colds that it seems everyone gets in September. As you know I’ve just used my medical line of savings on a big expense. I haven’t even submitted it to my insurance yet to see if I can recoup the cost.

So when I woke up on Sunday with all the symptoms I was concerned that being sick was going to ruin my budget. Over the counter medications are not inexpensive. The brand I usually purchase is over $20 for 24 pills or nearly half my grocery budget.

Thankfully I found a cheaper pharmacy brand. Downside: while my first choice lets me continue working this one leaves me drained so I can’t take it at work even though it only lasts 4 hours.

On the plus side, we already had pork chops in the freezer that can be made with a side of rice. Currently I just want ham sandwiches and $15 got me a loaf of bread, 2 packs of ham and another emergency freezer lasagna as neither of us wanted to cook. So maybe the weekly budget won’t take a hit.

My heart goes out to those who suffer from ill health. It’s expensive! I’m hoping that at the end of the week I’ll break even in spite of this setback.

To aid my healing I’m also using tips from friends and family: teas laced with honey, menthol rub on my feet with socks, hydrogen peroxide in the ears and for some reason sleeping with olive oil in my hair.

Any tips to help me kick this cold to the curb?

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4 thoughts on “That Medical Line

  1. I am intrigued by your home remedies. I have to try some of these. Let me know what worked for you. Every year for three years, I seem to get something of a cold at Christmas time. And it is most unwelcome. I keep a woolen hat on for 24 hours to help stay warm and possibly sweat the cold away. It has been cozy but I have no idea if I get better any faster.


    1. I wrote this post last night as I was still feeling pretty miserable but today has been good. The menthol rub helps me quite a bit. I put it on my chest and neck for bed. ML just tried the hydrogen peroxide and said he felt better. I’m not sure if it works or if it’s mind over matter with that one. With the olive oil I think it’s a vanity thing – when I take medication my hair gets dry and olive oil works as a good mask. I have no idea what other health benefit it has. Tea is my heaven in my world if you’re happy, sad, mad, lonely – have a cup! Hopefully with these and your hatyou’ll get better sooner 🙂


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