September Week 3 Down or Why did I have my Credit Card?

I have a glorious points credit card. I get one point for every $10 dollars spent anywhere and each point is $1 that can be used at select retailers to get pretty much anything from trips to groceries. Two years ago I got all my Christmas gifts and dinner supplies with points as I used my credit card for everything.

This week I had two big expenses that I was going to use my savings for: car and medical. Combined they were a little under $1000 which if I used my credit car would give me ~100 points. The plan was to use my credit card for both of these and then pay it off using savings.

So far I’m a responsible adult. Here’s the problem I left my credit card in my wallet. So today after a very stressful morning when a co-worker asked if I had any lunch suggestions and then if I’d like to join I gave in to a craving for spicy food and went for lunch. I told myself that I did this as I know that I have $20 leftover from earlier this month. The truth is I did this because I had my card on me and knew the cash was available.

Tonight, I went to a discount store for work and only took my work credit card. I was so glad I did this because I found myself wishing that I had my own credit card so I could stock up on adorable Halloween decor and possibly a wig.

I used to think I was in control of my spending in spite of the fact that with the exception of the mortgage all my debt is consumer debt. Today proved to me that I too easily believe that having a credit card at my disposal means that I have cash.

The credit card has gone back to its drawer until it’s once again needed for a big points collecting purchase.

Week three was fine and I didn’t go over but with a busy weekend ahead I’m going to have to revisit the budget on Monday so I don’t find myself in the red at the end of the month.


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