For the Want of a Budget

September is an extremely busy month for me and these next few weeks are going to be insane. Usually around this time the house looks terrible, we’re eating garbage, the finances are put on the back burner and I get cranky and stop being as nice to ML.

With your support I’ve been keeping my finances top of mind. Because of that I’ve found our eating habits haven’t degenerated too badly, it’s hard to spend $50 on junk food if it’s not in the budget. With those two stresses mitigated I haven’t been getting upset and making mountains out of molehills. With all this extra energy we’ve been keeping the house clean!

It makes me think of this nursery rhyme that my father use to tell us to teach focusing on the details.


How does this budget version strike you?

For the want of a budget the diet was shot

For the want of a diet energy was lost

For the want of energy housekeeping was sacrificed

For the want of housekeeping patience was lost

For the want of patience  kindness was lost

For the want of kindness relationships were damaged

And all for the want of a budget.

Now to remember this lesson next time the going gets tough and I don’t feel I have the energy or courage to budget.

What do you think of my cause and effect hypothesis, too over the top?


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