Saying No

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to hear Neen James speak. The focus of her address was how to fold time. The truth, she proclaimed, is,”You don’t have time for everything…only for what matters.”

It makes sense and I’ve taken that motto into my personal life. When hosting I now ask myself questions such as,”Do I need to make 12 mini angel food cakes from scratch or can I purchase them for $2?” Considering the time that it takes to make the cakes and the array of items that must be completed in that period the price works for me.

This is top of mind at the moment because I had planned to see a friend who was to come over for a visit. This was perfect for  me because I already had everything I needed to host her. A separate expense was not needed. Then things changed. Based on her schedule she could no longer come over but wanted to meet for drinks on another date.

I said yes even knowing that I had used all my budget and had already dipped into my reserved allowable funds. As soon as I hung up the phone I knew I’d have to call back and cancel. I felt terrible.

There’s no way that I wanted to say that I couldn’t afford the night. Partly because it technically isn’t true. I could afford it, I would just be paying a bit less toward me debt.

Then I asked myself: What matters to me?

My relationships matter but so does being debt free in ~30 months. True the night out won’t ruin the plan but I didn’t like the precedent I would set for myself. I needed to acknowledge that I don’t have funds for everything that pops up. I had arranged my budget so that I could live the life I wanted but those items shouldn’t conflict with my debt repayment goals.

I called back and said that it turned out I wasn’t free that night but gave a date in the future where I knew that I had budgeted additional funds that I could allocate to a night out.

What do you do to avoid these situations?


2 thoughts on “Saying No

  1. You are committed to a plan with a very near term objective. Similarly, I want to eliminate my line of credit in three years. I am not as regimented as you are, hence why I am following you! Knowing me as I do, I would have gone out. PS my line of credit is higher than before even though I have tripled my payments! To thine own self be true.

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    1. Thanks Mo. It’s been a rather difficult weekend as a few unanticipated social options came up for upcoming months that I’d have to pay now. I turned them down but wasn’t feeling wonderful about it. Your comment was just the ticket to spure me on. Good luck with your line of credit! We’ll get there!

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