Saving on Bills

I don’t like ultimatums and manipulation. I have this crazy idea that you should give your existing customers the best deal rather than trying to steal clients from other companies.

Phone and internet companies seem to disagree. Last year I switched my provider when a competitor called with a deal that would save ~$80 for the first year. When I cancelled the company mentioned they could have done something comparable. My attitude was,”I’ve been with you for 5 years if I need to ask for a fair rate you don’t deserve me.”

Well my $80 savings is about to end as my welcome promotion ends next month. I’ll only be saving $50 compared to my original fee. So I asked frugal friend which company she uses. I called them and got a quote. The company seems great and is much cheaper but there was a strange feeling when I spoke to the agent. This time I called my current supplier and was honest -I  like my service but I spoke to a competitor who is going to charge less than you.

The agent was helpful. They don’t price match but she looked at my account and was able to cut an additional $20 from my current bill. This means that I will now be saving ~$100 compared to my rate this time last year.

This was a big moment for me. I’ve never asked for a price break before as it felt like something to do when you can’t afford the product, reserved for those who have declared bankruptcy. Writing here and really taking ownership of my finances made me realize that I’m not cheap I simply want to spend wisely. For this to count as a savings I’m going to put it in my Life Happens account.


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