Let’s meet at Starbucks


I was constantly at Starbucks for a while – it was the closest coffee spot to my office and all good things happened on the coffee journey. It was on those trips that I found out what jobs were coming up, was able to hammer out project details, or have an impromptu meeting that resulted in action.

In that role I had a pretty frugal colleague who lived a champagne life on a beer budget. One of his tips was to get a Starbucks card, load my weekly coffee allowance on it and register the card.  It took almost no time for me to get a gold card which came with its own rewards.

I’ve since left that role and my new office is much smaller so there are almost no coffee visits but people remember my Starbucks days so I occasionally get gift cards. I’m terrible with gift cards. I appreciate the gesture but often forget I have them. In my cleaning I came across 2 Starbucks cards.

So when a friend asked if I could meet for coffee this month I said yes but, since I don’t have extra funds for items not in the budget I asked  that we meet at Starbucks. When I got there the barista transferred both gift cards into my gold card. Turns out I had over $25 available to me!

I must admit I went a bit mad and rather than getting a tea splurged on a latte. Even with my splurge I have at least 10 teas on my card. I am going to review my gold card benefits and get it working for me again.

 Any Starbucks tips for me?

Photo courtesy of artur84 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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