Finding Joy

When I was 18 I met a girl who was visiting a friend at university. I found her highly annoying as she only wanted to do things with us that she couldn’t do at home.  A university town and a tourist town are different so there were very few unique things to do as she came from a larger city.

I’m thinking of her now as I’m sure she would still be rolling her eyes at me. We did go to the beach and use the pool and hot tub in the hotel but this is a tourist town geared towards beach going. Therefore there isn’t much to do other than, you guessed it, go to the beach. I was prepared for this so I brought the mini DVD player, a selection of DVDs and some library books.

The mini DVD player and the picnic set , pieces of which were photographed yesterday, I brought with me were rediscovered on my Konmari journey. I had not used the picnic set before (7 long years) but could not part with it because knowing that I owned it brought me joy. The DVD player was purchased on a beach vacation 8 years ago when we got rained out. I usually use it when I have guests with kids who need a TV break but can’t be trusted alone in our den. I’m really glad that I took the sparking joy exercise seriously because if I had done it based on use these two items would be in someone else’s home. Luckily they are still in my life and making the vacation a success.

This vacation has given me what we both needed – the room to relax without chores. So the things we’re doing that we couldn’t do at home are watching a Buffy marathon without guilt, eating off some surprisingly steady picnic wear and using the pool and beach. Honestly though we’re taking long naps, watching TV and reading. Could we have done all this at home? Yes but the not worrying is worth the dip into savings. We’re going to start a pretty hectic part of the year relaxed and that’s worth it.

Now off to s’mores! You didn’t think I’d leave it behind did you? 6 more uses to my goal!



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