Off on Vacation I Go – Wish me Luck!

I had mentioned that I really wanted a vacation. The problem was that the budget I had assigned myself was a little small for anywhere really. My criteria was that it had to be near water. I grew up near water and spent most of my childhood weekends on the water so when I’m stressed I have a need to get out of cities and near large bodies of water.

I do have a vacation savings account that I’m currently using to save for a big trip next year. I was originally going to use $200 of that to book myself somewhere nice for a weekend, however, I’ve had to up it to $500. As I do have that money in a savings account earmarked for vacation I’m trying to not feel too guilty for taking some out on an unplanned trip.

This was another lesson in realism. When I decided on my $200 figure I was really just thinking of a hotel alone – I wasn’t considering food and gas. I also didn’t think about the fact that it’s late summer and I want to go to the same place everyone else wants to visit: the beach. As you probably guessed my hotel was more than $200 but on the plus side it’s near the beach and has a saltwater pool. As I grew up near the ocean it’s always my preference to be in the ocean versus a lake. $500 was not getting me to an ocean so the saltwater pool is a fantastic compromise.

It’s also only 2 hours away from where I live which means that my transportation costs will be less than a tank of gas! I also confirmed that our room will most definitely have a fridge though a microwave is doubtful. Armed with this knowledge I will make a grocery stop so that I can offset some of the cost.

Any tips to help me keep the weekend under budget?


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