September Week 1 Down. Really Down.

A few weeks ago a friend purchased tickets to a fantastic musical and decided to invite me along. I was thrilled! Before I could offer to pay for the ticket he suggested that I drive, take care of parking and buy us a drink at the show. Good deal, right?

It is and was very kind of him but considering the cost of the ticket I knew this was an insanely generous offer. So in my mind I had upgraded drink to dinner as I knew we’d have to eat before the show. The problem was that when budgeting I budgeted for a couple expensive drinks not for a reasonably priced dinner. In the end I spent double my budget.  This means re-working the rest of the month so I don’t let one spending experience set me back.

Not only did I under budget but I was high off my August success and got a little stingy with my September planning. I ended up putting triple my budgeted amount toward my debt in August and I didn’t want to dip into savings for the medical expense later this month. Great goals but I need to remind myself that I have a proposed budget and savings for a reason. It’s so that I can live my life while still making headway on my debt. This experience was a reminder of the person I don’t want to return to. The woman who squeezes too tightly and then ends up not sticking to an unrealistic budget.

This is what I’m going to be telling myself while I revisit the plan:


Friday’s task: Go back to the proposed September budget and adjust so that I don’t go over the real budget while acknowledging that I have a savings account that can contribute to my upcoming medical expense.


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