Every Little Counts


About a year ago I began returning liquor bottles & cans to the store for a refund. Prior to that I would throw the containers into my recycling bin as it felt silly collecting them. I don’t recall what changed but I now have 2 cases that I pack empty bottles into and return when full.

Considering the cost of alcohol, I’m in no way recouping costs but it feels good getting money back. As I was hosting again this weekend and suspected a few people may sleep over I returned a case of empties and made $5.

Not a lot I grant you but enough that I was able to get a can opener and have a few dollars left over.

What little bit do you do that helps you save or earn money?

Image courtesy of BrianHolm at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


One thought on “Every Little Counts

  1. I avoid wasteful spending. I love coffee and make a rich dk. flavorful espresso in my stovetop Bialetti coffee machine (approximate cost for the machine is $39.) I also like Starbucks. I make my own coffee 9 out of 10 times. I buy living social deals for restaurants. I purchase essential items with a credit card that earns 2% cash back. These simple tricks save a tremendous amount of money over time without sacrificing quality of living. That is the key!

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