Looking Ahead: September


I’ve been struggling with planning my spending in September. This has been largely due to the fact that I don’t have a lot of events planned next month so at first it felt like I had loads of leftover money. Knowing September is when people tend to do impromptu things I was trying to allocate some to miscellaneous funding but a bit more to savings.

Then I remembered a medical expense that’s coming up. I was going to dip into my savings for it but if I don’t have too many unplanned events I would be able to pay that expense out of my monthly budget.

I played with different formats, made a variety of notes and racked my brain to consider all sorts of variable expenses that I should budget for (I even put in a calling card). As of today I’m happy with it.  Using this method I planned for things that I usually allow to creep up on me. At the end though I do feel a bit cramped as there isn’t room for any of those impromptu things I like to do. September is going to be the month where I focus on free activities as frugal isn’t going to cut it this time.

I am going to have to remind myself rather firmly that I was planning to dip into my savings to cover the medical expense so if something does happen I am not going to beat myself up over it.

So far August has worked out and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going!

What are you looking forward to in September?

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One thought on “Looking Ahead: September

  1. Now is a great time to start researching all the free events going on in September. As you find things that look good, start penciling them in on your calendar. You will find your time researching time well spent. You will be busy and enjoy the stress free entertainment. By the end of the month, another successful check mark will be created. Just because the funds are low for September doesn’t mean the quality of time needs to be sacrificed. Have a wonderful September.

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