Easy Ice Cream

Growing up we had an ice cream maker. It was an event getting it made: my mum cooking the secret recipe and my dad cranking while we salted the ice. Full of the type of fond memories that only a child can have I desperately wanted an ice cream maker. When I finally got one I took a look at the instructions and have never gotten  all the ingredients in at the same time.

I may have a problem  with planning ahead…

To help with this I found a no cook, no ice cream maker recipe.

homemade ice cream


2 cups of heavy whipping cream

1 can of condensed milk (~14 oz)

Mix ins (crushed Oreos is my go to but I’ve used a variety of syrups)


Whip the cream with electric beaters until it peaks. Once peaks form mix in the condensed milk followed, or along with, your mix ins.

Pour into a freezer safe dish, stir and put in freezer. In about 3 hours you will have delicious ice cream that tastes like you put in a lot of work.



9 thoughts on “Easy Ice Cream

  1. What a great concept. I’ll bet it’s devilishly delicious (can’t say heavenly; saturated fat content is too high 😀 ) Instead of using a freezer “tub”, I recommend a sewing thimble. Remember, it’s not about quantity, it’s about savoring the flavor. (Anyone buying this rubbish? 😛 )

    Seriously, it’s a great idea. Enjoy every mouthful!!


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