Let’s Plan a Party!

I hold myself to some crazy standards when hosting people at my home.The food must be laid out properly, dishes must be ready for them as well as a small bar. I do come by it honestly. Every time my parents’ host something my mum says, “It’s not fancy this time,” then proceeds to present an amazing spread of food. Just the basics mind you – appetizers (cheese plate, olives, an assortment of hot hors d’oeuvres) a salad, 2 sides, 2 meats, bread, followed by at least one dessert.

Growing up in a house where this is light fare you can understand my difficulty when trying not to put too much food out. The home was fairly frugal though, I can’t blame my parents for not teaching me the value of a dollar and hard work. They work hard but are very generous.

This time I decided to take a page out of my parents’ book it would be expansive but frugal. The complication here was that I was hosting a folks with some pretty severe allergies to lactose, nuts and gluten so safe versions of products had to be purchased. Here’s the menu:

Appetizers – provided by guests (a gluten free option and a non-gluten free option)

Salad – provided by guest

Meat – Veggie stuffed chicken*, BBQ Ribs seasoned with a dry rub

Sides –   Corn, Avocado and Tomato salad and Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

Desserts – s’mores (got to use that s’mores maker!) and angel food cake with a selection of fruits.

A pretty good spread! I had planned some of the menu when I was budget planning at the beginning of the month so I could allocate funds appropriately.  To stay in my budget I made sure to check out sales and be aware of what was already in my pantry.

As you can probably guess there a leftovers which we used to supplement the hot dogs and hamburgers we served at the lunch the next day.


*I’ll share my veggie stuffed chicken recipe with you later, it’s simple and works well on the barbecue.

What are some of your favourite summer recipes?


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