August Week 4 Down?

I know I just posted that Week 3 was down yesterday but I figured I’d give you an update on how I plan my spending.

I budget from Saturday – Friday so that means that usually on Friday night I know where I’m at with my weekly spending. I opted to start posting my summaries on Mondays as I wanted to make sure that I was providing updates consistently.

The reason for my budget week is that I spend the majority of my funds on a weekend, that’s when I do groceries and the bulk of my fun things. This weekend I hosted a budgeted dinner party for 8 and a completely impromptu luncheon for 9. The luncheon occurred because I couldn’t attend a family gathering that included people I see maybe twice a year. The twice a year is because of proximity not lack of love.

I had planned a pretty fantastic dinner and wasn’t willing to compromise on any of it. An additional reason I couldn’t easily trim back was that a lot of my guests have rather severe allergies and health issues which meant that I was purchasing gluten, lactose and nut free products. I’ll share the menu details later this week.

Adding lunch for 9 meant that I used my entire grocery budget and had to dip into my remaining “leftover weekly savings.” I had a moment of panic on Sunday night when I was looking at a $0 balance before remembering about that savings account. As I had posted about setting realistic expectations before I was able to feel good about using that money rather than further beat myself up that I was using it.

I’ve got one more visit tomorrow night and I’m fairly certain that as of Tuesday there will be $0 in the account. The freeing aspect is that for the first time in a long time that’s alright. It’s not a cause for angst or fear. It means that I budgeted to perfection and I lived within my means.


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