August Week 3 Down

So in my week 2 look I had mentioned moving funds over for my medical appointment and dinner from my savings. Well the medical appointment had no payment required this week so I put that money back. The dinner didn’t happen as planned which means that money wasn’t used. The dinner money was leftover budget money from week 1 so I put it in the leftover budget fund.

This means that early in the week I was able to put all the money back into the saving funds!

Then… I was invited to two friend events. Like me these friends are pretty cost conscious so the total amount would be under $20. That’s less than I had budgeted on dinner. That’s when the going got tough.

Should I dip into the leftover budget fund? I decided the answer was yes. The reason I had separated it out was so that I could use the money in that account to offset any additional items that came up. If there’s no money in that account then I would have to say no to extras.

In the end, I’m happy with my decisions and most importantly didn’t use credit to live the life I want. In my book that’s a success.


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