Side Hustles


I was inspired by Rachel from Lady and the Budget when she spoke of side hustles. I don’t need another job but her suggestions for August made sense to me. In light of my recent cleaning I have a few things that could be sold.

So I made my list of items that needed a new home and visited a few shops in town that buy used goods. On my books and CDs I made $108!

I was anticipating $50, so I saw very glad that I had originally decided that I was getting cash not credit and any side hustle money was for debt repayment. It took away the temptation to purchase items.

I still have my clothes to sell and I am hoping to get a decent amount for them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Rachel’s side hustle idea is working well for this month but now I am wondering what I can do next month to bring in a little more.

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2 thoughts on “Side Hustles

  1. Congratulations on the outcome of your sale. You appear to be moving in a direction that will benefit your life in the future. Keep up the positive attitude and the results will speak for themselves.

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