Is this Considered Home Improvement?

I was looking over my list of what matters to me to see how all of it was stacking up this month. I was a bit surprised to realize that the point I’ve been working most diligently on is:

I want to improve my home. Not for re-sale but for me.

When I wrote that I had images of a new kitchen, new floors and a deck addition. In short, things that cost oodles of money. In the meantime I’ve been clearing out my home like crazy.

I’ve said goodbye to:

  • 7 bags of clothing & accessories
  • 5 boxes of books
  • 3 bags of kitchen accessories
  • 2 bags of board games
  • 1 box of CDs
  • 1 bag of shoes
  • 1 bin of towels
  • 1 bag of office supplies
  • 1 bag of toiletries & makeup
  • reams of paper (still need to drop to a shredder)

The above list makes me sound like a hoarder which I’m not, I swear! What I am is someone who can’t bear to get rid of things that are still useful. Maybe not useful to me but still have life left in them. Notice I said goodbye – well this is because some of those items have been sold, others donated or swapped and yet others are being set aside to be sold at a garage sale. Very few things have actually been thrown away as I can’t abide being wasteful.

Getting those items off my shelves and floors as well as out of the cupboards and drawers has meant that my home feels different. Suddenly rooms that have always felt a bit too small seem spacious.

Once You learn to choos your belongings properly, you will be left only with the amount that fits perfeclty in teh space you currently own. This is the true magic of tidying. - Marie Kondo

When I envision my perfect home it is filled with space, it’s homey and lived in, with lots of airflow. By the end of this month I think I’ll be living in my perfect home.

KonMari Disclaimer: I’m absolutely certain if Marie Kondo saw what I’ve done she wouldn’t be impressed. When I speak about my journey I’ve had multiple people tell me, “You’re breaking the rules!”

I am using the KonMari method as a guideline. I’ve arranged it to suit my needs and my lifestyle. The rules I’m following are really just 4 questions. I also do the following:

  • Dump all items on the floor and then pick them up individually
    • Seeing the amount of things I have spread across a large space helps me not feel like I will be deprived by sending items to a new home.
  • Sort by category

Remember your life is your own. People can guide you but you make the rules.

4 thoughts on “Is this Considered Home Improvement?

  1. Decluttering helps you breathe better. You feel less claustrophobic. The environment feels cleaner. This is a great exercise to incorporate when a person begins to crave food. Turn to cleaning and accomplish 3 things. (1) exercise, (2) divert attention away from food and create an environment that is more comfortable to live in, (3) cravings dissipate. Win-Win-Win scenario!

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