Going old Fashioned in the kitchen


I was at a meeting and someone declared that her family does not eat packaged food. I’ve no idea what that means to her but I’ve tried to cut back on a lot of the convenience foods. For me convenience foods are any extras that I can conceivably make at home or that are a shortcut version of something. This cutting back has been for two reasons:

  1. The cost
  2. Health benefits

In terms of cost, my dad taught me to pay attention to unit prices. It’s the tiny amount below the large sticker. This helps me find the best overall price. Not surprisingly there is a price difference between regular carrots and baby carrots.

In terms of health, there is a dizzying array of information out there but one bit of consensus is that we should have less steps between farm and table. Since I have a black thumb and can’t raise livestock this has meant attempting to buy in season and local. Failing that it means buying the less processed options. I also find that if I’ve got to make something I’m less likely to eat loads of it.

Notice that I said tried to cut back? I’m still guilty of picking up a frozen pizza, bagged salad and cake mixes on sale but with my normal groceries I’ve gotten much better at taking that step back. Not only do I see a savings but my cooking is improving.

What are some convenience foods you love?

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


3 thoughts on “Going old Fashioned in the kitchen

  1. I enjoy pizza. I have it about 1 time/month. When I do have it , I consume a substantial amount to “make it count.” I don’t miss it the rest of the month. Cravings change as one adapts to a healthier lifestyle. Hormones begin to stabilize preventing fewer signals for poorer quality foods. Eating, in general, loses its focal point in life. This opens new doors and opportunities in life. You begin to see that life offers so much more than simply palate satisfaction!!

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  2. I love pizza! I buy frozen on sale sometimes but there is an independent place near where I am that I go to. Since changing my diet I’ve found them to be one of the few places that don’t make me regret my choices in the morning.

    You’re ahead of me as my cravings are still for the less healthy options though my body makes sure I know I made a mistake when I indulge in some of them.

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