August Week 2 Down

So I sat down with my tea, list of anticipated spending and account last week to carefully make sure that I transferred all the expected money over. Then halfway through the week I realized I had totally forgotten to put over an amount for a gift. Buoyed by my Week 1 success I opted to not make a separate transfer and see how the week went.

In spite of my down in the dumps post mid-last week it went well. I was able to pay for everything that came up. This success was partly due to the fact that one of my lunch dates opted to brown bag it instead of eating out. If that change hadn’t happened I’d have been in the red.

The prize issue has made me decide to include everything in my budget even if I am getting reimbursed. I’ve gotten in trouble by thinking, “I’ll be reimbursed for that” but by the time I submit the expense and get the money I’m paying interest on the item. If the cost is taken out of my budget or savings I won’t be paying an additional fee.

I sat down this morning to plan week 3, which already has some minor waves:

  • I had mentioned I had a doctor’s appointment that I had made following the August budget decision. I called to get a quote and even with not having used all my money in the previous weeks I’ll have to dip into savings. I’m working with Insurance to confirm the amount they’ll reimburse me so I’ll have an idea as to the hit I’ll be taking.
  • I had planned to see some friends for a festival at which we’ll grab lunch. Not expensive. I’ve had to change plans due to a conflict so now we’re dropping by the festival and doing dinner. I don’t know the area they live in so I’ve no idea where they’ll recommend and the cost. My saving grace is the money that I didn’t spend in week 1 should cover this expense.
  •  I changed bunny’s litter as I couldn’t find her usual brand and this one doesn’t last as long. So there will be an expense there too but the reimbursement from the wine prizes will cover that.

Usually when these sorts of things come up mid-month I get discouraged and blow the budget. By tracking these last two weeks I’ve gotten to see that I can be good at living within my means. This week’s mantra:

Man surfing giant wave. AFP PHOTO / GAIZKA IROZ

Wish me luck with insurance! I’m hoping that’s going to be a straight reimbursement.


3 thoughts on “August Week 2 Down

  1. After reading your entry, I think you are doing significantly better than you credit yourself. Budgeting requires learning. Learning requires mistakes. The trick is not to repeat the same mistakes because you learned from them the first time. Realize that “just giving in” isn’t a solution. It just magnifies the problem. In this case, you DIDN’T give in. That is a BIG POSITIVE! Stay the course and you will be pleased with the outcome.

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    1. Thank you, it’s amazing how sharing my plans and goals has helped keep me on track. Using this blog to track my behavior is allowing me to learn rather than continue bad cycles. Knowing that people like you are reading also helps me stay honest with myself.

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      1. Any part (regardless how small) I can play in seeing or reading about a person improving the quality and health of their life is a role I plan to participate in until my time is up. In general, I believe people are good. I also believe many have been misguided and followed paths that have lead to outcomes interfering with their true capabilities. If we could utilize our strengthens as individuals to help others find (their) meaning and purpose in life while helping them achieve their goals, this world would be a pretty special place to live. I believe (to a large extent) this is possible!

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