Do you like my cut?

It began about a year ago. I was getting over a terrible cold, my hair felt awful and my hairdresser was booked for the next six weeks. Hopped up on medication I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Being a child of the current generation I took to YouTube. Within minutes I was feeling like an expert, ready to take the plunge and work on my layers.  I was a little shocked when I was left holding a large amount of hair but once it was all done I thought it looked alright.

Not trusting my drug addled mind, I found someone to give me an honest opinion. The person was cautious, ” You look alright, what did you do?”

“I cut my hair!”

“Really? It doesn’t look different.”

I was thrilled. That statement meant that in spite of cutting at least an inch off every layer I had managed to not change the style. A whole new world opened to me.

Now I cut my hair sans cold medication every six weeks and visit a hairstylist annually to provide some additional shaping. I’ve also had people compliment my hair style and lament the difficulty getting someone who can cut curly hair properly. I feel them and if you’re in that boat I’ve got a wonderful video for you.

Happy Styling!


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