Wine Tour Lessons

I’m a social being so it’s no surprise that I’m on my company’s social committee. Recently we had a wine tour that I immediately signed up for and put in my August budget. The day before the tour the chair asked me to purchase prizes. I love doing prizes so of course I said yes. Shame is an interesting thing, in the past it’s had me put out money I didn’t have to feel like I measured up to my peers. This time it made me rethink my strategy.

The budget I was given was a bit less than the amount I had set aside for my wine purchases on the tour and I would be reimbursed next month. I had two options either make this expense fit into my weekly allowance or go over and pay myself back later. In the interest of living within my means I went with the first option.

I hit the dollar store. I decided that the theme would be kitschy wine glasses and purchased  sets as well as the wrapping necessary to turn them into gift packages.

Wine glass prize packs

All told I used less than half of the prize budget which meant that I was still able to purchase wine on the tour.

Thrilled with the realization I was eager to spend my money but the Konmari training kicked in. I’ll often go in these tours and purchase 6 bottles because you can only get them at the winery or the labels are interesting or everyone seems to love it. Notice my main reason isn’t that the wine fills me with joy.

This time I purchased one bottle. I was looking for a wine that made me happy and out of the 15 I tasted only one bottle fit that criteria.

I was pleasantly surprised to realize I could have it all on a budget and that being ashamed of my debt does not make me a slave to a terrible cycle.

Has shame about your finances pulled you back?


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