Week One Down!

Wow! I did it! I transferred over the money into my chequing account and didn’t dip in my savings for extras. It’s funny, I anticipated that I would have $2 left in the account and be counting the seconds until this week began. I was stumped when I had a bit of money left over. It was enough money that I could have 2 lunches out or buy a pair of shoes or pay a visit to the beach. So many choices! I could also put it toward my debt repayment, savings or leave it in my chequing account to give myself a cushion.

I quickly decided that the cushion would not be a good option. If I had the extra funds in the account it would either go to one of the above suggestions or be wasted on mindless coffee trips. Debt repayment though admirable would mean that I may end up going back into debt if I needed the cash for something, like the doctor’s appointment I scheduled after carefully planning my budget. So savings it is.

In spite of seeming like untold riches when looking at my social life, it doesn’t seem like a lot of money when I put it in my savings account. It’s ~1% of my income. Of course that spendthrift voice did the math and said,”One percent! We’re saving without scrimping and you want to bank 1%!” Luckily the voice of reason piped up quickly with, “Did you feel like you were scrimping this week? Was there a moment that you wished for more money?”

The answer is no. I was more attuned to my spending this week. Before going to the grocery I did an inventory of my pantry to see what I really needed and what sale items would make sense to get. When going to a friend’s house for a movie night I raided my pantry for treats rather than popping by the bakery for goodies. Neither of these things left me feeling deprived rather I felt powerful. I really could live my life without spending lots. So into savings it goes and I’m hopeful that these little bits will help me achieve my goals just a bit more quickly. Here’s my mantra for the week:

Image found here.Great things are done by a series of small things brought together


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