Cleaning Your Space and Your Life

new life

As I’m cleaning out my physical space I’m finding the KonMari questions helpful but sometimes painful.

The life I thought I would have is not to be.  There are days that I mourn that fact and find it hard to embrace my new future. I am surrounded by little reminders of that lost potential future, they sneak up and cause me to start to doubt my choices. In this cleaning spree I touched more than a few items that caused me a sharp pang of sadness. Why in the world am I keeping these things? As a bizarre form of punishment?

It’s hard changing your life. When I made a decision a few years ago that took me off my planned path I was terrified. I had lost my map, forget that the map I was following wasn’t working it at least gave me the illusion of control. Even with great support it was, and continues to be, tough.

Putting those items in the bin, donation box or gift closet was so very hard and I still have more to do. I’m leaving one area until the very last because I know how painful it will be. On the plus side I know that by putting these items out of my home I will be saying goodbye to the person I was going to be and welcoming my future whatever it may bring.

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