Dangers of Reading

It’s a small volume. It doesn’t look like it’s going to shake up your whole world. The serene cover that looks like a water colour is soothing. You’re lured in. The writing is soothing, light, spiritual almost. You fall deeper into the trap. Then some sharper tones emerge, orders really, but they are so quickly followed by a self-deprecating laugh that you don’t really register it. The next thing you know it’s 10 p.m., your eyes are tired, your back aches and you want to crawl into the mountain of clothing on your floor and fall asleep.

It escalated quickly.

It began with a friend lending me this book.

Marie Kondo

It began gently enough and I finished about half of it during my lunch hour. I came back from lunch feeling fairly certain that I wasn’t willing to do the hard work that the author demanded. Take all my perfectly wonderful, clean, recently packed away laundry and dump it all in the middle of a room on the floor…Are you out of your mind? Apparently I’m out of my mind.

The book stayed with me through the rest of the afternoon and I found myself thinking about some of the key pieces of advice:

  1.  Do you have a clear picture of the sort of life you want?
    1. Define your goal, if you can visualize the sort of life you’d like you can work with it in mind.
  2. Does it spark joy?
    1. This is her requirement. Touch everything, don’t just look you must feel. If it makes you feel joy you may keep it.
  3. Does it work for you now?
    1. Not the person you used to be or the person you wanted to be but the person you are now. If it does, you may keep it.
  4. Do you need it?
    1. Do you have another item that does the same job or even multiple items that do the same job? If not, you may keep it.

Do these questions feel familiar? It’s quite similar to the way that I’ve been building my financial life.

Do you have questions that you find helpful in planning your financial life?  Would those four be of any use to you?

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