In high school I had a good friend who’s favourite word was Stuff. In my yearbook he completed his note with Stuff Rules!

Sometimes I feel that in my quest to feel like a grown up I have allowed stuff to rule. When I first started working as a teenager my parents encouraged me to purchase things for when I moved out. I have a tea set (which I use very often), a cappucino set (I didn’t even drink it but it seemed like a thing a grown up would have) and a ravioli maker (I’ve used it!). I won’t bore you with the list of my belongings but as I’m now an adult I realize that I don’t need a lot of stuff.

I’m also a bit of a pack rat so once I have said stuff I find it hard to give up (You know, I might serve ice cream in those cappuccino cups and it would look fantastic!). On top of that even if I purchased the item 3 years ago and haven’t used it (I’m looking at you failed card crafting endevour) if I spent a sizable amount on it I feel the compulsion to keep the items. Knowing these sad facts about myself my goal to not add to my collection.

Do you have similar issues? Any tips to be more of a minimalist?


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