How Cutting out Coffee can Save You Oodles


I’m on a financial wellness re-reading kick. So I opened The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. There are loads of fantastic tips,however, it becomes immediately clear that I am a spendthrift with tightwad tendencies.

This by no means negates the usefulness of this book.  One of the items I struggle with is when there are articles that declare the amount I would save If I were to give up something for a year. I’ll  give it up but chances of me seeing a savings is slim. Basically I cut costs in one area and allocate those funds to something else.

With that sort of behavior it’s no surprise that I don’t see any savings. Amy in her many articles of savings explains the process well. When I save $10 on a gift, rather than spend more on gifts or put it toward another line, the savings should go into my savings account.

Now the hard part for me us putting this good advice into practice. I’m not going to make any rash promises, rather I’m going to track the amount I come under budget and put any ‘leftover’ money into savings.

Do you have bits of good advice that you find hard to put into practice?


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