How can I Track my Journey?

The reason for this blog is that I’m writing to track myself. So now I have to come up with ways to track my journey.

I want to spend quality time with those I love doing interesting things.

This doesn’t necessarily require additional cash as I’ve got my eating out and entertainment lines. On the other hand, I’d like to travel so I’m going to have to save for vacations and activities that exceed my allotment.

I can keep on with this by:

  • noting how often I hang out with the people I love
  • creating a savings account for vacation
  • noting the number of times I eat out
  • making a conscious effort to explore frugal ways to entertain

I want to be good to my environment.

This doesn’t require oodles of money and can help me reduce costs. The problem with being good to the environment is that the upfront costs (I’m looking at you LED lighting) can be high.

I can keep on with this by:

  • keeping an eye on my electrical and water usage
  • noting how often I buy local in terms of grocery items

I want to be able to purchase new or upgraded items when something gets damaged without having to worry about using a credit card.

It’s funny that this is number three since it’s the whole reason for my writing. This boils down to my desire to not only be debt free but have a general savings account. Currently my vacation and general savings are in the same account but as I pay down my debt my plan is to create another savings account and re-route some of that debt repayment money into it.

I can keep on with this by:

  • noting the % of consumer debt that is paid down per month
  • noting the number of times that I use something if it’s an ‘extra’
  • including the % I’m over or under my budget monthly

I want to improve my home. Not for re-sale but for me.

This one requires money and to be honest a bit of it. Even if I didn’t have my debt it would take me a while to save for it all. For this one I created a list of all the things I want to do in my home and then ranked them in order of importance.

As this is the least important to me in the grand scheme of things, my aim is going to be pay off my consumer debt and then re-route some of that money into a home improvement fund.

I can keep on with this by:

  • noting the number of months that I will need to wait until I can start my fund

2 thoughts on “How can I Track my Journey?

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