What matters to you?

I’m currently playing book bingo and one of the squares encouraged me to pick up Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s Debt Free Forever.

Debt Free ForeverIn Chapter 2, she speaks about figuring out why you’re trying to get rid of your debt. She talks about what’s weighing on your mind as well what’s important to you.

At first, I glossed over this section but Gail’s writing style forces you to not take shortcuts. So I found some scrap paper and started writing. Her selling point for making a list is so that when you’re tempted to go over budget, like I do so often, you’ll have a concrete list of reasons why you shouldn’t. It’ll also help you create realistic goals.

It’s funny, I found that my desires weren’t grandiose. I don’t want to live in a bigger place or drive a faster car.

  • I want to spend quality time with those I love doing interesting things.
  • I want to be good to my environment.
  • I want to be able to purchase new or upgraded items when something gets damaged without having to worry about using a credit card.
  • I want to improve my home. Not for re-sale but for me

This came after making a list of all the things that I want out of life, my core values and then ranking my list. The above statements are the summary of that list in order of my wants.

This is just the tip of her advice but I’m hoping that reminding myself what I want out of life will help me to stick with my plan.

What’s important to you?

15 thoughts on “What matters to you?

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