Eating Well: Red Rice

It’s been a busy month for me so grocery shopping has fallen down my list of priorities. This past weekend I once again couldn’t make it to the grocery and was forced to use whatever I had on hand.

I went through my fridge and pantry looking for things that went together. I came up with a tin of pasta sauce, a giant bag of rice, sausages and veggies that needed to be eaten. Out of that collection came the below recipe that is clearly based on no real measurements.



4 servings of cooked rice (you can make this in chicken broth if you have it. I didn’t)

Chopped vegetables ( I used a red pepper,  lots of zucchini and half a head of broccoli)

6 pre-cooked sausages, sliced

1 tin of pasta sauce


In a large pan saute the vegetables in some oil.

Add the sausages to heat them through.

Empty the pasta sauce, use some water to ensure that all sauce is used, into the pan .

Simmer this sauce so that all is hot and your sauce is at a desired consistency.

Remove from heat and add the rice and properly stir it.

Serve hot.

This  makes exceptional leftovers of which I’m a fan as I don’t enjoy cooking on weekdays.

Do you have any quick, frugal recipes?


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