I’ll show you mine

Earlier I gave you tips on how to build a budget. Let’s be honest you can get those tips anywhere. You can also get budget worksheets anywhere but I’m always curious about how real people budget. What are their lines? What did they struggle with?

As I’ve mentioned the tool that has worked best for me has been making a date with myself, Excel and my bank account.

I love Excel! It can do sums so that I don’t have to, it sorts and tracks and puts things in order. I know it’s early days for us yet but I’ve got a gift for you. In case you’re as curious about others as I am I’ve shared mine below.

My only request is that you don’t judge my overspending in certain areas.

BudgetAs you can see my  categories are broad. This was done purposefully so that I can allow myself to not get too picky.

I consistently struggle with my grocery line, which honestly includes household supplies and entertainment costs when I host at my home.

Eating out includes things from coffee dates to dinners and as my social life has grown so has this line. I struggle with being social on a budget when a lot of the social aspects of my job involve lunches out.

Entertainment is broad and can include purchasing a s’mores maker (nonsensical but so much fun), a visit to the beach, or a movie date.

You’ll also notice that there have been lines that have had nothing used. This is because when I revisited my spending I realized that these were things I need to save for. So beginning in August those 0 will be filled in, rather than spending those dollars I’ll be moving them into a savings account for when the expenses occur I’ll have the funds.

What rules have you played with to create a personal budget?


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